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Big Ruling Looms Against Big Labor

Lawsuits challenging the legality of union-only, cost-inflating Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) are routinely rejected. But a Citizen Outreach lawsuit, brought by our Nevada Business Coalition (the biz group that doesn’t compromise on tax hikes!), against Clark County challenging the legality of its proposed PLA for new construction at the Clark County Detention Center was moved forward yesterday by District Court Judge Jerry Wiese.

“It is my pleasure to inform you of the results of today’s hearing of our Motion for a Temporary Restraining Order,” wrote our attorney, Theodore Parker, III, in an email. “Judge Jerry Wiese, elected for his first term, was confronted today with a full courtroom of union supporters. Despite their sheer numbers and their obvious excitement about the prospect of dismissing our Complaint, the judge quickly informed them that they might not be as excited once he makes his final decision.”

Clark County finalized the PLA today. The judge’s final decision on May 9 could make Citizen Outreach vs. Clark County a landmark case and strike a substantial blow to union power throughout Nevada. Certainly, the fat lady hasn’t sung on this one yet, but she is clearing her throat. Keep your fingers crossed. Taxpayers of Clark County might just win a big one over Big Labor next month.


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