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Big Apple Issues Blanket Get-Out-of-Jail Free Cards

Not all bad ideas start in California.  Here’s one from New York…though likely coming to Cali soon.  And then, if the Legislature stays in its current makeup, Nevada could follow suit.

On January 1st, New York’s new “bail reform” law, allowing offenders to walk free without bail until trial, took effect.

Nicknamed “catch and release,” the law eliminates the need to post bail for people caught committing a host of crimes ranging from assault to stalking to grand larceny and even possession of a weapon on school grounds.

As conservative commentator Dana Loesch noted…

“The new legislation doesn’t allow judges to have any discretion in determining whether a person is a flight risk, nor whether they pose a threat to public safety or will commit more crimes.”

The result was as predictable as the sun rising in the east.

The New York Post reported last weekend that a guy named Gerod Woodberry robbed four New York City banks between December 30 and January 8.  But because of the new catch-and-release bail reform law, the judge couldn’t force him to post bail before being released.

So they just cut him loose last Thursday.

At which point he immediately proceeded to rob a FIFTH bank on Friday.

And now he’s suspected of robbing a SIXTH bank yesterday!


Then there’s Eugene Webb, a 26-year-old homeless dude who last Friday was arrested “for allegedly slugging a 23-year-old woman in the face so hard that two of her teeth were knocked out.”

Hours later he attacked a second woman, “punching the 35-year-old and kicking the back of her head.”

Yet because of the new catch-and-release bail reform law, Judge Ann Thompson was forced to “cut the serial slugger loose.”  And according to the New York Post he “grinned as he left court” and returned to his old stomping (literally) grounds.


But make no mistake.  This absurd catch-and-release bail reform legislation will make its way into the 2021 session of the Democrat-controlled Nevada Legislature – and could very well pass.

We’re doomed.


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