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Biden, Death Penalty, Yucca Mountain…Oh, My!


So former veep Joe Biden has tossed his hat into what has become a circus of Democrat presidential clowns – with one leading goofball demanding that the Boston Marathon bomber be allowed to vote – seeking to dethrone Donald Trump, saying in his campaign announcement video:

“If we give Donald Trump eight years in the White House, he will forever – and fundamentally – alter the character of this nation, who we are.”

Methinks Joe has this backwards.

Democrats like him have, for decades, been fundamentally altering the character of this nation – identity politics, class envy, racial warfare, gun control, expansion of the nanny and welfare state, apologizing for our world leadership, and crippling the free market system.

All Donald Trump has done is try to, um, make America great again.

If Biden wants to run a presidential campaign on the platform of “Make America Weak Again,” bring it on.


The parents of 5-year-old AJ Freund have been charged with the child’s murder after his body was discovered this week in Crystal Lake, IL (50 miles northwest of Chicago) “covered in plastic and buried in a shallow grave.”

News reports now say the boy was “beaten to death.”

Trial, sentence, appeal…and fry ‘em.

But there are equally disturbing reports on how government officials may have been complicit in the boy’s totally predictable and unnecessary death.  From an Associated Press report on this heart-wrenching story…

“Crystal Lake police had visited the house over the years, according to records released by the department. One report described the home as littered with dog feces and urine, including a child’s bedroom where the ‘smell of feces was overwhelming.’  Another report said the house was ‘cluttered, dirty and in disrepair,’ and sometimes without electricity.

“The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, known as DCFS, had contact with the family since AJ was born with opiates in his body in 2013. The Northwest Herald said he was in foster care for two years before being returned to his parents. A younger brother was removed from the home last week.”

How did no one see this coming?

Rest in peace, AJ.  You deserved so much better than this.


On Wednesday, U.S. Sen. Catherine Cortez-Masto-Reid (D-NV) issued a breathless, self-serving statement related to a bill introduced by Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) to complete the study of Yucca Mountain as a potential site for the nation’s nuclear waste repository…

“Nevadans have spoken: We don’t want nuclear waste dumped in our backyards. … This half-hatched proposal to trample on Nevada’s rights and revive Yucca Mountain poses a danger to families living in neighboring communities, as scientists have already confirmed Yucca Mountain is unsafe and unfit for nuclear waste storage.”

There is so much wrong with this statement that it’s hard to know where to begin…

1.)  As Arnold Knightly, Public Information Officer for Nye County – where Yucca Mountain is located – pointed out in a tweet, “Nevadans haven’t spoken, just politicians.  Nevadans have never been asked.”

2.)  Nuclear waste won’t be “dumped in our backyards.”  It’ll be stored deep inside a remote mountain an hour-and-a-half away from Las Vegas – where, by the way, we once tested nuclear bombs.

3.)  Technically, while the land is inside Nevada’s borders, it’s federal land.  As such, our “rights” in this regard are not exactly cut-and-dried.

4.)  The “neighboring communities” in Nye County SUPPORT Yucca Mountain.  The project will bring lots of high-paying jobs and economic development to this very rural area.

5.)  Scientists have NOT universally confirmed that Yucca Mountain is unsafe and unfit.  That’s what the licensing study that Democrats are stone-walling by refusing to fund it is supposed to determine.

If Cortez-Masto-Reid is so sure Yucca Mountain will be found unsuitable, why is she so afraid to allow the completion of the study by SCIENTISTS and other experts?

The fact is, Cortez-Masto-Reid is doing nothing but spewing out political scare-mongering like almost every other knee-jerk, Chicken Little politician in the state who plays politics with this issue.

Now consider this…

If someone asks if they can park their boat in your driveway, you’d probably say no.  But if they offered to pay you handsomely to park their boat in your driveway, you might well come to a different decision.


Well, according to an article in Thursday’s Las Vegas Review-Journal, the Barrasso bill would “Provide Nevada and local stakeholders with federal benefits for being the host state for the repository.”


Shouldn’t we at least hear what the offer is before rejecting it out of hand?  Wouldn’t that be the smart, responsible thing to do?


Politicians like Cortez-Masto-Reid have been beating the same anti-Yucca drum and singing the same “Hell, no” hymn for decades now.  It’s gotten old. We’re tired of it.

Let’s at least sit down play let’s make a deal.  If it’s not good enough, we walk.  If it is, we talk.

Come on, Congress.  Make us an offer we can’t refuse.

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