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Best Birthday Presents Ever!

(Chuck Muth) – OK, so I successfully reached Medicare-eligibility age today.  Yeah!

And so far, I’ve gotten two GREAT birthday presents.


Our May 1st dinner to raise money for our Pigpen Project is almost sold out – even though individual general admission tickets aren’t even available yet.  We’ve already sold 15 of the 20 tables available – so it’s quite possible we’ll be sold out before GA tickets are scheduled to go on sale April 15th.

But it gets better…

We’re still accepting dinner SPONSORSHIPS from folks who want to help us expand the project.  And a friend and former colleague from DC emailed last night and offered to MATCH an additional $25,000 if we get $25,000 in dinner sponsorships.

Challenge accepted!

So if you can help us reach that goal – and, oh, what a 65th birthday present that would be if we make it today!please click here.  Sponsorships are $2,500, $5,000 or $10,000.


Poor Chelsey Fischer.  She can dish it out, but she sure can’t take it.

After I exposed her yesterday for attacking Bobby Ellis and his charitable foundation that helps disadvantaged kids every year at Christmastime (click here if you missed it), she went on a social media meltdown.

In a 10-minute video rant the snippety snowflake posted, she referred to me as “the worst human being that there possibly could be” and called me an “absolute demonic plague” (Fact Check: TRUE) in a Twitter post.

Woo-hoo!  But hang on, hang on.  It gets better.

A friend in Florida saw Chelsey’s post and channeled AOC, opining that she probably just wants to date me.  Funny.  VERY funny.  So I posted that on Twitter.  Which really got under Chelsey’s thin skin.  She replied…

“I’m happily married for over ten years now. Not on your best day @ChuckMuth.  If you were the last man on earth and the future of humanity relied on procreating with you, I would turn lesbian before I ever gave you a try. #extinct.  Save your sexual harassment for someone else you old, racist, dirt ball.”

I mean, what better birthday gift could an “old, racist, dirt ball” get?!!

Well, the hits just kept on comin’.  In response to her video rant, a gentleman in northern Nevada, Bill Post, wrote…

“Happy Birthday Chuck! And to @ChelsyFreedom: 1 – Stop with the botox 2 – Stop running against Conservatives 3 – Just stop period!”

Well, that set her off again!  She responded to Mr. Post (grammar in the original)…

“I haven’t had Botox in two years which is why you can see my fore head wrinkles. #idiot this is natural because I’m only 34 and not a washed up old sleeze ball like you”

What a peach.  And this unhinged loon wants to be a state senator?!!

I think her 15 minutes are almost up.  Kinda hoping not.  The entertainment value is priceless.

And happy shared-birthday to Booker T. Washington, Spencer Tracy, Betty Davis, Gregory Peck, Frank Gorshin, Colin Powell, Diamond Dallas Page, and Zak Bagans!


“If your opponent is choleric of temper, seek to irritate him.” – Sun Tzu, The Art of War

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