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Berkley, Lippold Jump In; Game On

Both Steve Sebelius and Jon Ralston report this morning that Democrat Rep. Shelley Berkley will today enter the U.S. Senate race to take on Republican Rep. Dean Heller next year for a shot at replacing disgraced GOP Sen. John Ensign.

Does anyone else remember some kind of fork incident between Berkley and Heller in the Capitol mess hall a few years ago after Heller was first elected to Congress…or was that just one of those urban legends?

Anyway, RalstonFlash reports that Berkley “had been agonizing but polling, opportunity too appealing.” She will first have to defeat well-funded Byron Georgiou in the Democrat primary. And Heller may still face a rumored primary challenge from former state Sen. Bob Beers on the GOP side, as well.

Ralston also notes that with Berkley’s decision, it’s just a matter of time before former Rep. Dina Titus announces that her workload at UNLV – where’s she’s stuggling as an indentured servant to keep up with teaching one class a week for $108,000 a year a taxpayer expense – is just too tough announces her campaign for Berkley’s seat.

Potomac Fever: Catch It!!

For more details on the Berkley announcement from Sebelius, click here

And in other news Kirk Lippold, commander of the U.S.S. Cole, has reportedly announced this morning that he will be entering the Republican primary contest to replace Heller in Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District.

Failed 2010 U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle, who lost badly to Harry Reid last year, has already announced a run for that seat.

Nevada Republicans are still waiting to see if Lt. Gov. Brian Krolicki and Nevada GOP Chairman Mark Amodei will enter that contest, as well. And maybe even state Sen. Greg Brower.

Let the games begin!


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