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Ben’s Guru Drops Cyber-Ball

If only Republican state senate candidate Ben Kieckhefer had attended my candidate training seminar in Reno last July this never would have happened.

In a post published yesterday, blogger “The Anon Guy” at Dullard Mush hits the nail squarely on the head:

“Chuck Muth owns Ben Kieckhefer. Well, at least. One can only imagine what the conservative activist has planned for the State Senate District 4 (Washoe County) candidate he has already tagged the ‘Raggio Republican.’ Odds are it won’t be pretty, nor stay a GoDaddy landing site.

“I don’t know how many times we have said it before, but you need to own your online brand. And the most basic form of that is your own damn name, especially if you are running for office. Unbelievably, Muth snagged the domain the day Kieckhefer announced his intentions. Not only should he have had his .com name (and, better still, variations of it) already registered but should have also had some kind of web site up. But he didn’t. Now voters searching for ‘Ben Kieckhefer’ will be greeted with whatever Muth wants them to know.

“Also, if the Kieckhefer camp is looking to rebound with, don’t bother. Not only was it taken that same fateful July day, but a site is already up and, surprise, it’s not a positive one. And, adding insult to injury, it was registered by none other than his opponent Todd Taxpayer!”

I wonder how much poor Ben paid his genius campaign consultant who put out a press release announcing Ben’s campaign without first securing the single best campaign domain name possible?

In fact, candidates should find out who the boob campaign consultant is so they can be sure not to hire him or her. If he or she can screw up something this basic I can only image what they’ll do when the heat is on.


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