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Becky Harris: Total RINO

“In a piece of campaign literature,” writes Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist Steve Sebelius, “state Senate District 9 candidate Becky Harris declares she’s ‘not your typical Republican.’  In fact, her stances on education funding, certain taxes, and other issues sound downright Democratic.”

In other words, while she may not be your typical conservative Republican, she’s absolutely your typical moderate establishment Republican; what you might call a “Sandoval Republican.”

In a 30-minute interview with Sebelius, Harris declared that she might support Michael Bloomberg’s gun control petition now being circulated to require background checks for private gun sales, demurring, “I don’t know that I don’t support the petition.”

Oh, come on.  Of course she does.

Harris was a Democrat until just a couple years ago and appears to have switched parties out of pure political calculation, not some change in philosophical heart.  Indeed, Sebelius writes that “Harris said she’s not philosophically opposed to requiring background checks for all gun sales.”

Harris also divulged in the interview that if elected she intends to screw the state’s mining industry to the wall!

“Harris said she will vote for Senate Joint Resolution 15, which will appear on the November ballots as Question 2, a measure to repeal a constitutional cap on taxation of the net proceeds of minerals in Nevada. That would allow the Legislature to pass a new mining tax at its next session,” reported Sebelius.  “And why? Harris says in her flier that ‘…our schools are underfunded and overcrowded,’ and that she wants to reduce class size, pay teachers more and expand reading programs.”

Spoken like a true Democrat.

Harris went on to declare that electing her “as a moderate Republican would be a fantastic thing because I can do great things for everybody.”

Fantastic things?  Like constrict gun rights and raise taxes to spend ever more money on our failed public education system.  What’s so “fantastic” about that?

The only thing worse than voting for a gun-grabbing, tax-hiking, big-spending Democrat is voting for a gun-grabbing, tax-hiking, big-spending Republican.  Such Republicans, as my friend Grover Norquist of American for Tax Reform is wont to say, ruin the brand.

Indeed.  Better the real Democrat than a fake Republican.  In the Senate District 9 race, I think I’m going to urge conservatives to boycott voting for either candidate.  No sense in aiding and abetting a fraud.


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