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Ax the Tax Now…Maggot!


When I closed out the online “Ax the Tax Now” petition this afternoon, over 800 people had co-signed it.  That’s four times the number of people we usually get on letters such as this!

CLICK HERE to read the full resolution, as well as see the “who’s who” list of Nevadans who have declared, in no uncertain terms, that Gov. Brian Sandoval’s tax hike – and any other mutated versions of it – are NOT supported by grassroots conservatives and Republicans.

As I noted in yesterday’s “Last Call” Brushfire Alert, I will be driving up to Carson City tonight and will hand-deliver copies of this resolution, complete with everyone’s name who co-signed it, directly to every GOP legislator’s mailbox.

Now get this…

In response to yesterday’s email alert, Assemblyman Chris “Let’s Make a Deal” Edwards (RINO-Clark County) “pulled a Hickey.”

As you might recall, former Assemblyman Pat “The Appeaser” Hickey responded to one of my emails RSVP’ing to a caucus event a couple years ago with a rather snarky comment that I was banned from attending.

Only, the note wasn’t meant for me.  It was meant for the event coordinator.

In fact, I never should have received it. You see, Hickey hit the “Reply” button instead of the “Forward” button before sending.


As such, I learned what a two-faced, fork-tongued hypocrite he really was.

Well, Edwards pulled a similar boner yesterday.  He meant to forward my email to someone else with a snarky response, but hit “Reply” instead.  As such, I received the following message that the Cowardly Weasel clearly never intended for me to see…

“Great, so Chuck will be in the halls of Carson city Mon.  How should I greet the maggot?”

“Maggot”!  Is that great, or what?  I’m not known as the #1 Irritator of Liberals for nuthin’!

Edwards’ constituents should be so proud.

Indeed, I can only imagine how he refers to THEM behind THEIR backs.

In any event, to help clear up the freshman RINO’s confusion, I responded…

“On bended knee, of course. What a silly question.”

And what an idiot.

Of course, we shouldn’t exactly be surprised.  The boy never has been the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree.

Indeed, I’m told that at a 5th-grade geography bee Edwards was asked, “What’s the capital of Wisconsin.”

Edwards’ response: “W”?

And the beat goes on…


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