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Assembly Republicans: With Us or Against Us?

As Citizen Outreach continues robo-calls this week to Republicans in the Assembly who continue to negotiate an extension of the 2009 tax hikes which are scheduled to sunset at the end of June, some of them continue to whine privately that they are NOT for such an extension.

The problem is, they haven’t been willing to say so PUBLICLY – which is giving aid-and-comfort to the Democrats who are desperately trying to jack up our taxes once again…to the tune of $1.2 billion this time around.

Instead of whispering to us a bunch of mealy-mouthed, loophole-riddled statements that state nothing, why can’t these people just issue a proud, plain, simple statement on this issue like the one Republican State Sen. Greg Brower re-issued on Sunday:

“I oppose the Democrats’ plan, and support Governor Sandoval’s commitment to balancing the budget without new taxes and without extending the sunsets on the tax increases passed in 2009.”

Seriously, why can’t Minority Leader Pete Goicoechea and the boys (and Assemblywoman Melissa Woodbury) just get with the program and get behind the governor with a simple, unambiguous statement like Sen. Brower’s?

Unless they support the Democrats’ $1.2 billion tax hike plan, including an extension of the $600 million worth of sunsets?

Whose side are Assembly Republicans on…ours, or theirs?


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