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As the Ensign Turns

In his exclusive interview with Alan Stock on KXNT radio on Monday, Sen. John Ensign said he would not resign because “We only have 40 US senators. The Democrats have 60. Another senate race here would take resources from defeating Democrats in states across the country. We need to increase, not decrease our numbers.”


Too bad Ensign didn’t think about that in 2008 when he lost 8 Republican U.S. Senate races while head of the Senatorial Committee because he was too busy trying to cover up the fact that he’d been sleeping with his best friend’s wife….while she and he were working for him. The Democrats have 60 seats today BECAUSE of John Ensign. Hasn’t he “helped” enough already?

Ensign also said he wasn’t going to resign because it would hurt efforts to knock off Harry Reid.

Oh, puh-lease. If Ensign really wanted to knock off Harry Reid he’d knock off this non-aggression pact he has with the Sage from Searchlight. And he’d have recruited, rather than discouraged, top GOP candidates against Reid in 2006. And he would have helped the Republican candidate that year instead of treating him like a leper.

The notion that suddenly John Ensign is going to help defeat Harry Reid when Harry Reid controls the Senate Ethics Committee which should be investigating Ensign doesn’t even pass the snicker test.

Ensign also said the decision on whether or not to resign “isn’t about me. It’s about supporting the principles of freedom, conservatism, and the Constitution.”

Bull. It’s all about John. Always has been. Always will be.

The fact is Rep. Dean Heller would fill John’s shoes in the Senate nicely. Actually, considering the fact that Heller voted against the TARP bailout and Ensign voted for it, the principles of freedom, conservatism and the Constitution would be in much better hands with Dean Heller in the Senate than John Ensign.

And I’m not the only one. The Dean of Nevada Pundits agrees.

“Who do you think the Republicans would rather have occupying (Ensign’s U.S. Senate) seat in 2010,” muses Jon Ralston in his Las Vegas Sun column this morning, “an exposed hypocrite who is a national laughingstock and GOP albatross or a freshly appointed clean horse (hello, Rep. Dean Heller) the Democrats would have little chance to defeat and who could give buoyancy to a state top-of-the-ticket?”

As for Ensign wanting to be helpful and not hurtful to the GOP candidates next year, Ensign actually said, with a straight face, “A lot of people running for office next year….actually want me involved in their campaigns.”

Really? Name two.

By the way, when asked by reporter Sean Whaley of our Nevada News Bureau if any of her candidates were seeking Sen. John Ensign’s involvement in their campaigns, “(Heidi) Gansert, the Assembly minority leader, said it is a bit early in the campaign for endorsements.”


On Tuesday of this week Gansert went on Sam Shad’s Nevada Newsmakers show and publicly endorsed Brian Sandoval for governor over Republican Gov. Jim Gibbons.

Talk about a forked tongue. Then again, maybe Heidi is practicing speaking out of both sides of her mouth in hopes of replacing Ensign when he’s finally dragged kicking and screaming out of his U.S. Senate office.


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