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Are Nevadans as Stupid as Legislators Think?

For four months now, “elite” members of the Legislature have been meeting privately and secretly to not only devise a tax hike proposal to be dropped in the final two weeks of the session, but a Madison Avenue-like way to sell it so voters won’t get too mad at them.

The worst part about the secret meetings isn’t so much that the meetings took place, but that the participants regularly lied about tax hike options not being considered during the meetings.

Clearly, they were.

Within 48 hours of the last piece of the budget being closed this week, Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley introduced the first leg of the omnibus tax hike proposal….a plan to double or triple the jobs tax Nevada’s largest job-creators are required to pay for the “privilege” of providing employment for thousands upon thousands upon thousands of Nevada’s citizens.

Now, if you believe Buckley’s job-killing “screw business” tax hike plan was never contemplated or discussed in all those private, secret meetings over the last four months, I have some beachfront property at Yucca Mountain to sell ya.

Clearly, Barbara Buckley believes she and her Democrat cohorts (and the “rat heads in Coke bottles” who enable them) can fool the vast majority of Nevadans into believing that not only is this massive new tax hike necessary, but that it was conceived by immaculate conception.

Problem is, she might be right.


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