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Another Lame Excuse to Oppose Primary Endorsements

In a Facebook comment today, an old-time Clark GOP warhorse, Jenny Sartin – who now lives in Douglas County – argues against the Nevada GOP adopting a pre-primary endorsement process, writing that it “will discourage otherwise qualified people from considering running for office if they do not believe themselves to be acceptable to the ‘inner circle.’”

Oh, puh-lease.  This has got to be one of the most short-sighted arguments out there.  Sartin is conveniently overlooking the fact that everyone else is already out there endorsing candidates – the governor, the Senate caucus, the Assembly caucus, the Western Representation PAC, you name it.

And indeed, because the Senate caucus refused to endorse him for the SD9 race this year, Assemblyman John Hambrick – clearly the strongest, most qualified, most deserving candidate the GOP could have put up in that race – opted not to make the run.

So why is it OK for the Senate caucus to “discourage otherwise qualified people” like Hambrick from running, but somehow it’s not OK for the ELECTED members of the Nevada Republican Party Central Committee to issue primary endorsements?

Hypocrisy you can cut with the knife.


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