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Another Episode of “Why I Hate the Government” + The Cheating Regent


University Regent Jason Geddes, who is also a government employee at UNR, has been caught red-handed plagiarizing a California think tank’s report in a 1995 college dissertation.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that Geddes’ paper included “pages of paragraphs being copied exactly” without quote marks or attribution.

The dishonorable cheater, however, claims it wasn’t plagiarism “because dissertations aren’t widely read, the copied work was accurate and the copied language wasn’t creative.”

Apparently Mr. Geddes majored in “What Is Is” at UNR.

According to the LVRJ article, “Plagiarism is considered high crime in higher education.” (Note the quotation marks and citation in that last sentence, Mr. Geddes.)

Indeed, the paper quotes six students who read the report and characterized it as “shocking,” especially from “someone elected to oversee higher education.”

One of the students “said she would expect to face expulsion if she were caught copying multiple paragraphs, and she would expect a professor to be fired.”

Ah, but this is the NEVADA System of Higher Education.

As such, the LVRJ reports that “UNR doesn’t plan to investigate the department or take any action against Geddes.”

Of course, if Mr. Geddes had any honor he would have resigned as a member of the Board of Regents already.  Then again, if he had any honor he wouldn’t have plagiarized his college dissertation in the first place!

I guess sometimes cheaters DO win.

But what an embarrassment.


My good friend and conservative talk-show host extraordinaire Alan Stock and I will soon be launching a new NON-POLITICAL podcast.

“Vegas Marketing Masters” will be a 30-minute/3-times-a-week interview program focusing on successful business owners and entrepreneurs in the Las Vegas area and we’ve already pre-taped our first three episodes.

We’re now in the process of developing a website and marketing materials and have our logo narrowed down to two – which were developed by graphic artists competing in a logo design contest through a service called 99 Designs.

As Vegas Marketing Masters will be a project of Citizen Outreach Foundation, I’m hoping that some of our supporters and subscribers would take a look and vote on which design you like best before Alan and I make our final decision.

If you’d like to help us out, CLICK HERE.


So I took the family down to a little-known cove by the river at Nelson’s Landing on Sunday for Labor Day weekend.  About a dozen families were there.  Everyone was having fun – swimming, BBQ’ing and enjoying the great weather.

When suddenly we were confronted by the Park Police.

The duo wanted to know if we had any alcohol.  Apparently the government has determined that you can’t enjoy a cold beer on a beach by the river even if you’re 56 years of age and not driving.

For the record, no one was drunk.  No one was disorderly.  Nobody was bothering anybody else.  Just a bunch of Americans (OK, maybe a couple of illegal aliens, too) trying to enjoy a hot day on the beach for Labor Day weekend.

Anyway, knowing the drill I ventured that if we *did* have any alcohol we would take it back to the car.  At which point Deputy Dawg #1 informed me that we were not allowed to take the alcohol back to the car if we had any; that our only option was to pour it out in front of them.

Are you kidding me?

At what point did grown adults in supposedly the freest country in the universe allow their government to start treating everyone like a child or a criminal…or both?

Anyway, with the stupidity of the rules and consequences now firmly established, when the question was asked, “Do you have any alcohol?” my untruthful answer was, “No.” (Yes, I know…ten Hail Marys)

At that point, Deputy Dawg #2, clearly a disbeliever, asked if he could look into our cooler.  And God bless my wife, she immediately shot back, “No.”

Must have been that experience with the Fruit & Nuts Nazis in California a couple years ago!

Absent a warrant or probable cause, the rangers had no choice but to stop molesting us and left with a warning that if they caught me drinking any alcohol, they would issue me a citation.

As if they could catch me!

The sad thing was, the rangers then began moving around to every other family on the beach with the same routine and confronted three nice young kids in their late 20’s who were there with their two dogs.

Unfortunately, these kids weren’t as experienced in dealing with the heavy hand of government agents the way Gia is.

So when asked for permission to search their cooler, they consented.  At which point the Deputy Dawgs made them pour out every last beer – maybe a dozen – right there on the beach rather than simply allow them to take the cooler back to their car in the parking lot.

THAT should be a crime!  What a waste of beer.  Even if it was Coronas.

Once the dirty deed was done and the troopers vamoosed, I did my civil duty and walked over to the kids and explained their rights not to open their cooler in the future, and expressed my hope that they wouldn’t let the government ruin their day.

They were appreciative for the helpful advice, but were clearly bummed.  And soon left the beach; day ruined.

Freakin’ nanny-state government!


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