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Another Disconcerting Sandoval Appointment

I hate to keep finding fault with and picking on Gov. Sandoval’s appointments, but his interim appointment of Joseph C. Strolin as Acting Director of the Agency for Nuclear Projects announced this week is another brow-raiser.

Strolin, for those who may not remember, was an accomplice in former Director Bob Loux’s scheme to increase everyone’s salary in this non-essential and thoroughly unneeded office without the knowledge of, let alone the permission of, the governor or the Legislature during the heat of the Great Recession when everyone else was cutting back in their budgets.

Which reminds me: Whatever happened to that criminal investigation of Mr. Loux. The AG’s office punted the investigation to the Washoe County Sheriff which has been sitting on it for well over two years now. I guess maybe they hope everyone will just forget about the whole thing.



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