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Annual Trouble-Making

Let’s face it, as the state goes to hell in a hand-basket economically this year, legislators have wasted almost the entire session so far on the trivial, the mundane, the useless, the ridiculous…and of course, a huge tax increase. It’s clear that these people are wasting a boatload of time which clearly could have been put to better use addressing our financial crisis in the first half of this 120 day session. And yet…

The Assembly yesterday voted for a bill (AJR 6) to amend the Constitution so that these people can congregate and legislate EVERY YEAR, which, as amended, would also result in a 100% pay increase for them, as well.

Every Democrat voted for the bill.

Almost every Republican voted against it.

GOP Assemblyman Chad Christensen was AWOL for the vote.

The only Republican to vote with the Democrats for annual sessions and a pay hike was freshman Republican Assemblywoman Melissa Woodbury.

Woodbury, by the way, was also one of the seven Republicans who earlier this session voted for the third largest tax hike in the state’s history.

Thank goodness she beat the Democrat in her race last November, huh?


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