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Announcement Raises More Questions than It Answers

A gentleman by the name of Paul Anderson threw his Republican hat into the Assembly District 13 (Clark County) ring on Wednesday.

His press release says he possesses “a unique skill set that helps him understand the complexity of the issues facing Nevada today.” But it doesn’t say what that “unique skill set” is.

It says his company, AndersonPC, was founded in 1996 and is a “Regional Service Provider covering the Mountain West with clients in Las Vegas, Reno, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, and Sacramento.” However, a regional service provider of “what” exactly isn’t explained.

The press release goes on to explain that what’s “most important to (Paul) is spending time with his wife…and their four children.” It adds that “Despite his busy schedule, he stays involved in his children’s lives.”

That’s wonderful, but it raises this obvious question: If the most important thing in your life is spending time with your wife and children, and you already have a very “busy schedule,” why would you choose to run for an office that would require you to leave your family and spend four months away from them in Carson City?

Now, I’m sure there’s a good answer to that question…but it sure isn’t included in the press release. So I decided to click on the “For more information” link to access the campaign website to see if I could, you know, find more information.

Alas, the only way to get more information on this candidate and his campaign at the website is to provide the campaign with your full name and email address. Otherwise, you can’t get into the site.


Let’s just say I’ve seen better campaign rollouts than this one.


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