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Anderson Frags Fiore, Hits Conservatives as Collateral Damage

Still smarting at being ousted as Assembly Majority Leader and defeated by Assemblyman John Hambrick for Speaker-designee, moderate Assemblyman Paul Anderson is now in full attack mode against conservative Assemblywoman Michele Fiore in particular, and conservative members of the caucus in general.

Anderson went on KNPR Friday and conducted what can best be described as a political “fragging” of Fiore, who organized the votes against Anderson in the caucus election a couple weeks ago and will be chairing the Taxation Committee next year.

First he falsely suggested that the Tax Hiker Caucus, led by Gov. Brian Sandoval (R&R Advertising) “won’t get a fair hearing” by Fiore’s committee.  But that is a patently false statement.  Fiore, who has signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, has nevertheless said from the get-go that her committee will hear all tax hike proposals.

Of course, hearing them and voting for them are two different things.  But the tax hikers will get their day in court.

Anderson then pulled out his gas can and stoked the flames of controversy by saying he wouldn’t talk about the issue surrounding Fiore’s tax liens.  He did this by…talking about the issue surrounding Fiore’s tax liens, saying he’s not sure how many “second and third chances the public is willing to give someone.”

What Anderson meant by that statement is anyone’s guess.

What he meant by saying it, though, is unmistakable.  He’s trying to kill Fiore’s ability to remain Majority Leader and/or Taxation Committee Chair, or at least wound her to the point of making it almost impossible to successfully perform her duties.

Anderson then went on to attack fiscal conservatives in general and Tax Pledge signers in particular.  From KNPR News’ website…

“He (Anderson) told KNPR that some of the people who signed the pledge haven’t had the chance to see some of the state’s budget numbers and when they do they’ll have to determine where they stand.  ‘The idea is not to go in with decision made before you have the information at hand. And that’s the difficult part,’ Anderson said.”

These are the kinds of pious, holier-than-thou, my-s***-don’t-stink statements tax-hiking moderate Republicans and defrocked liberal TV pundits love to make to try and portray fiscal conservatives as unthinking automatons.  But here’s the truth…

Every legislator who has signed the Pledge knows the numbers.  The Economic Forum has been giving us the numbers for years.  The most recent number is $6.3 billion.  That’s how much of an allowance Nevada taxpayers are giving Nevada’s state government.

Problem is, Gov. Sandoval has been overspending his allowance for four years and now wants Mom and Dad to give him more.  Of course, the only responsible thing for Mom and Dad to do in such a situation is to, you know, say “no.”

Of course, the irresponsible child will throw a temper-tantrum and go to great lengths to rationalize why he should be given more money even though he irresponsibly spent the money he already had.

In the governor’s case, he’s been expanding Medicaid, rushing to implement a Nevada version of ObamaCare, spending money he didn’t have on feel-good education programs, etc.

No, Assemblyman Anderson, the “difficult part” isn’t going into the session determined not to reward the government for spending tax dollars it doesn’t have.  The difficult part is staying true to your philosophical convictions and doing the hard work of reforming and reducing the size and scope of government instead of taking the easy way out and raising taxes.

When you know what you believe in, Assemblyman Anderson, what you call the “difficult part” really isn’t all that difficult at all.

The hard truth is, the difficult job of reducing and reforming government SHOULD have been done years ago when Obama’s Great Recession first hit.  Instead, lazy legislators such as Assemblyman Anderson simply kicked the can down the road by passing and extending a series of “temporary” tax hikes.

Well, those “sunsets” have come home to roost.  It’s well past time to remove those budgetary crutches and cut the budget instead of raising taxes.  It’s time for Nevada’s government to live on the allowance taxpayers have given it.

Our Tax Pledge signers are the true responsible legislators, not the spend-and-tax cabal.

No new taxes.  Or expansion of existing taxes.  Or extensions of temporary taxes.  So let it be written.  So let it be done.


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