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And the Winner of the Biggest BS Story of the Year is…

Sean Miller of The Hill wrote on Friday that “The GOP presidential field has weakened in recent weeks as Republicans seem to conclude they’d stand a better chance of winning the White House in 2016.”

As evidence to back up his “weakened field” assertion, Mr. Miller cites the fact that “South Dakota Sen. John Thune, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Indiana Rep. Mike Pence, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio have ruled themselves out of the race.”

This is pure flapdoodle.

Thune, Pence and Ryan have never been considered serious or strong GOP presidential contenders. Christie has said all along that he wasn’t running for president. And Rubio has been in office less than two months; nobody seriously thought he’d run for president.

The leading contenders for the job – Palin, Romney, Gingrich, Barbour and Daniels – are neither in nor out yet. And Herman Cain and Gary Johnson are actively campaigning without formally announcing.

To suggest the GOP field, which doesn’t even exist yet, has “weakened” is one of the weakest BS stories to have been written so far this year.


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