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And the Low-Life of the Year Award Goes to…

After learning that UNR President Milt Glick had died, one of my first thoughts was, “Which low-life will be the first to blame his death on Gov. Sandoval’s budget proposal?” Well, we have our winner. From Tuesday’s RalstonFlash:

“Chancellor Dan Klaich, quoted in a column in the Reno Gazette-Journal, managed to essentially imply Gov. Brian Sandoval killed Milt Glick (extraordinarily bad taste) and make an enemy of the governor (extraordinarily bad politics):

In recent weeks, the $58 million loss in state funding UNR will lose under Gov. Brian Sandoval’s proposed budget cuts was weighing heavily on Glick’s mind, Klaich said. “If you don’t care, it won’t affect you. If you care as deeply and personally as Milt did about every member of his staff, his faculty, his administration and about every student on that campus, you know it was pulling at his heart,” Klaich said. “I can tell you it wore on him terribly, and I think we saw the price of that (Saturday) night.”

Not good.

Not good indeed. Klaich’s hyper-hyperbole really crossed the line with this one. I think it’s time for the Regents to “Can Dan.”


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