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Amodei: The Wrong Side of the “Right”?

Nevada GOP chief Mark Amodei reportedly entered the CD-2 special election today, but we’ve received no such advisory directly from his campaign. Guess it’s because bloggers and citizen journalists aren’t “credentialed” media; the only media invited to his press conference this morning.

That said, credentialed mainstream media reporters are reporting that Amodei is not backing down from his proposed billion-dollar-plus tax hike in 2003 or his support for budget-busting collective bargaining for state employees.

According to credentialed reporter Anjeanette Damon of the Las Vegas Sun, Amodei’s defense of those decidedly non-conservative positions “is an indication of his strategy to carve out a position for himself in the crowded special election field as the crossover candidate – one who can appeal to both Republicans and Democrats by rejecting a dogmatic philosophy.”

Something tells me that ain’t gonna go over to well with conservative Republican voters…OR win over any big numbers of Democrat voters who smell blood in the water and realize this may be their one and only shot at winning CD-2.


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