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American Excess Card: Don’t Lose Your Home without It

Let’s cut through the clutter and get to the bottom line: The Nevada state government is currently operating on a general fund budget of around $6.4 billion. Gov. Sandoval proposed a $5.8 billion general fund budget in January – which would have meant cutting $600 million from what we’re currently spending.

Earlier this month, thanks mostly to an improving economy, the governor added an additional $400 million to his budget. That means his proposed general fund budget now is around $6.2 billion…which is only $200 million less than the government is currently spending.

Meanwhile, legislative Democrats whipped out their American Excess card and tried to charge an additional $1 billion-plus above their credit limit to substantially grow the government at a time when the rest of us in the private sector are still suffering the ravages of The Great Recession, including losing our jobs and homes.

While we’re still ordering hamburger, Democrats have been ordering steak.

Alas, the credit card company – in the form of Gov. Brian Sandoval, backed up by Nevada’s voters – have told the Democrats, in no uncertain terms, that we are NOT increasing their credit limit and that they, like us, will just have to live within their means. To which Democrat Assembly leader Kelvin Atkinson (D-Bad Teachers) literally broke down crying like a baby on Tuesday at having his credit card cut in half.

Now get this…

It’s bad enough that Democrats tried to spend money they didn’t have by racking up a budget bill that was $1 billion higher than the governor’s, but yesterday they went back into session and started taking items out of the cart and putting them back on the shelves. And being forced to put items back they couldn’t afford is, in their delusional minds, a CUT.

This is like giving your kids a $58 allowance…having them ask for $158…then agreeing to give them $62…and the kids complain about having their allowance cut by $96 bucks!

Thank goodness an adult is sitting in the governor’s office who’s willing to “just say no” to those spoiled children in the legislature.


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