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Almost Forgot…

I know, I know. I’m supposed to be on vacation. But we actually don’t leave until tomorrow morning and I forgot something…

The most important project I’ll be working on during my mini-hiatus in December will the Mt. Reagan Project. We want to submit our naming proposal to the Nevada Board of Geographic Names shortly after the first of the year. I’ll begin sending email updates on the project to everyone who signed our online petition shortly.

And in case you haven’t signed it yet, Click here

On another subject, Republican State Sen. Michael Roberson has struck again. In a press release issued yesterday, Moderate Mike announced his support for Gov. Brian Sandoval’s proposal to award driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

Moderate Mike is quickly becoming Gov. Sunny’s “Mini-Me.” And his liberal Republican lieutenants Sens. Ben Kieckhefer and Joe Hardy (both of whom voted for the $620 million Sandoval tax hike last session) seconded the “Hispandering” emotion.

Get used to this, conservatives. If you thought RINOs ruled the roost when Sen. Bill Raggio was running the show, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

And one more item…

The Economic Forum met yesterday and predicted tax revenue for the next biennium will be about $343 million less than the current biennium, despite all the sunny pronouncements about an economic recovery in Nevada.

Nevertheless, Gov. Sandoval-Roberson intends to hit Nevadans next year with the re-imposition of some $620 million worth of “temporary” tax hikes in order to provide pay raises for government employees and expand Medicaid.

At what point will Republican moderates wake up and understand you can’t tax your way out of a recession; that they should have cut spending two years ago to avoid being in the hole again next year?

And at what point will Nevadans wake up and realize the governor’s tax-and-spend policies are NOT creating jobs and fixing the ecomony and start blaming him?

Inquiring minds wanna know.


“Despite his image as a puppeteer who controls the strings of Republican lawmakers, Norquist is not so much the Secret Master of the GOP as he is the Grand Facilitator of the coalitions that hold it together.” – Chris Moody,, 11/28/12

“Mainstream media and the Democratic Party [and Nevada State Sen. Michael Roberson] despise Grover Norquist. He has made a career of illuminating the wastrel ways of government and his pledges threaten the lifestyle of those we send to Washington. He is portrayed as a Rasputin hypnotizing dupable Republicans. The great irony is that he has the voice of reason on his side – that it is spending which is the principal culprit that has the country in trouble, not tax rates that are too low.” – Blogger Sydney M. Williams


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