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All About Robb

So in the Republican primary race for Assembly District 26 in Washoe County, you have moderate incumbent Assemblyman Randy “Kirner Tax” Kirner (RINO-Kirner Tax) and two challengers – Lisa Krasner, a constitutional law professor and mom, and Robb Archie, a 1960s folk-singer who looks like “Doc” from “Back to the Future”.

Now here’s the reality: If both Krasner and Archie file, they will probably split the anti-Kirner vote and the moderate will be re-elected.  However, if one of them drops out, here’s the alternative…

If Archie runs one-on-one against Kirner, he’ll lose.  He’s lost to Kirner before.  And he’ll lose again.  Philosophically, he’s conservative.  But he’s not electable.  He’s undisciplined and comes unhinged easily and is running as a single-issue candidate.

If Krasner runs one-on-one against Kirner, she’s got a good shot at winning.

This isn’t rocket surgery folks.  One candidate has a chance to remove a tax-hiking, mushy moderate Gumby Republican from the Legislature.  The other has a chance to do the right thing.  He won’t.  But he should.  If he REALLY wants to help the conservative movement, that is.

Which he doesn’t.  It’s all about Robb.


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