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All About Dann Lewis

Dann Lewis loves Dann Lewis.

Dann Lewis – Gov. Jim Gibbons’ controversial pick as the new head of the Nevada Commission on Tourism after Dann Lewis was fired from a the same job in Maine – has a Dann Lewis blog which features stories about Dann Lewis, Dann Lewis and pretty much nothing else but stories about Dann Lewis.

I mean, you’ll find posts with headlines such as “Dann Lewis: from Tourist to Tourism Director,” “Dann Lewis Maine Tour Magazine,” “Dann H Lewis to Airlift ‘I Love NY’ to Japan,” “I Love NY Notes – Dann Lewis,” “Dann Lewis’ Bio from Council of State Governments,” “Dann Lewis starts Bahamasair,” and “Tourism plan ‘on the right path’, Dann Lewis.”

Wanna know more about Dann Lewis? Hey, no problemo. Just go to – where else? – And while there, don’t forget to click on the links to “More on Dann Lewis,” “More on Dann Lewis’ Accomplishments” and “Dann Lewis’ Resume.” All scintillating reading, I’m sure.

Now if Dann Lewis can just stop promoting Dann Lewis long enough to focus on promoting Nevada, maybe we’d get somewhere. Heck, with Dann Lewis at the helm, maybe we’ll no longer need the taxpayer-subsidized Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority!

(Note: This blog post was not paid for by Dann Lewis.)


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