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Advice to GOP: Stop Saying You’re Going to Create Jobs!

Memo to Nevada GOP Legislators: STOP saying your #1 priority is to create jobs! (Republicans in Congress might want to heed this advice, as well.)

It does nothing whatsoever to distinguish you from Democrats who are saying the exact same thing. And besides, as Republicans you’re supposed to know that the government doesn’t create jobs, it kills them.

Instead, you should be saying that your #1 priority is to eliminate government roadblocks, penalties and red tape for the private sector to create jobs.

And if you REALLY want to “create jobs” in Nevada, you’re first priority should be to repeal the stupid “employee head tax” that penalizes a business owner for every person they hire.

Seriously, if you can’t squirrel up the stones to call for the outright repeal of the Modified Business Tax, you’re not only not serious about creating jobs, but you’re no better than the Democrats.

And for those who worry about where the money will come from to replace the revenue from repealing the MBT, maybe you should consider reducing the deductions the mining industry presently enjoys so that the net revenue to the government is neutral.

Raising the tax obligation on mining while simultaneously lowering it on every other small business in Nevada is not, repeat NOT, a violation of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

Revenue neutral tax reform in which the government doesn’t benefit from additional revenue is something that certainly could be put on the table.


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