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Adios, muchacha

Ray Hagar of the Reno Gazette-Journal reported yesterday that liberal Republican Sue Wagner – a former assemblywoman, state senator, lieutenant governor and gaming commissioner out of Reno – has left the GOP and registered as a nonpartisan.  According to Hagar, “Wagner said she has grown tired of the GOP’s shift to the far right.”

“I did it as a symbol, I guess, that I do not like the Republican Party and what they stand for today,” Wagner said. “I’ve been a Republican all my life. My dad was active (in the GOP) in the state of Maine where I was born. It was more of a moderate, liberal Republican Party.  It’s grown so conservative and tea-party orientated and I just can’t buy into that.”

Maine?  You mean the home state of liberal RINO Sens. Susan Collins and Olympia Snow (ret.)?


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