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ADA’s Slippery Slope to Absurdity

When most people think of the Americans for Disabilities Act, they think of mandatory wheel-chair ramps. But ambulance-chasing trial lawyers don’t think like you and me. They only see ridiculous and absurd ways to make a buck at somebody else’s expense, often taxpayers. Thus this story from Friday’s Baltimore Sun:

“A federal appeals court upheld a ruling Friday that requires the Washington Redskins to make game content broadcast over the FedEx Field public address system accessible to deaf fans through captioning – including song lyrics. . . . The National Association of the Deaf and the Baltimore law firm Brown, Goldstein & Levy filed the suit in 2006 on behalf of three deaf or hard-of-hearing Redskins fans who regularly attend home games.”

When it comes to trial lawyers, I think Shakespeare was correct.


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