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Action Alert: Why You Should Care About and Oppose This “Camel’s Nose” Bill

(Chuck Muth) – Carson City Democrats are soft-on-crime. That isn’t even debatable.  But a sneaky, little-noticed bill about illegal parking – that you wouldn’t think has anything to do with serious crime – is making its way through the Legislature.

Last month, I noted that a bill (AB303) had been introduced which would prohibit tow companies from charging low-income people for towing and storage if they got caught parking their car unlawfully on private property.

What’s the definition of low-income?

Anyone who says they can’t pay “for reasons outside of his or her control,” including people on welfare, food stamps, ObamaCare, public housing, or “has expenses for the necessities of life that exceeds his or her income.”

If the bill passes, and tow companies don’t know if they’re going to get paid – because they have no idea if the owner is officially indigent or not – why would they risk towing such illegally parked vehicles?

“The idea of a tow company picking up a vehicle for ‘free’ will put us out of business,” warns Idan Etzyoni of ABC Lock & Tow.  “No tow company will be towing any vehicle for free.”

And if tow companies stop towing abandoned and illegally parked vehicles from private property, how are property managers gonna get those vehicles off their parking lots?

“This bill would particularly cripple small businesses,” warns Robin Lee of the Nevada Apartment Association.  “This would leave property owners with little to no efficient recourse for vehicle removal.”

But what if you don’t own a tow company, an apartment complex or a business park?

Why should you care?  Here’s why…

If the bill passes, it’ll set a dangerous precedent.

If people on the government dole don’t have to suffer the penalty for parking illegally, you can bet the Dem’s are gonna come back next session and say poor people shouldn’t have to pay for speeding through a school zone or shoplifting in a convenience store.

AB303 is what’s known as “camel’s nose” legislation.  Once we declare that low-income people can break some minor laws without penalty, it’s only a matter of time before they’re exempted from more serious crimes.

At that point, what’s the sense in having any laws at all?

The bill has passed out of committee and moves to the Assembly floor for a vote.  So now’s the time to contact the Legislature and voice your opposition.  Here’s how…

Step #1: Click on this link.  Then scroll down and click on the “Submit Opinion or View Opinion Stats for AB303” link.

Step #2: In the upper right-hand corner of the page, click on “Sign in/Register” tab.  If you already have an account with the Legislature, sign in.  If not, set up an account.  It’s free.

Step #3: Now scroll down and select “Oppose” from the “Your Position” drop-down menu, fill out the form, and hit the “Submit” button in the lower righthand corner.  And you’re done.

Now, if you want to, you can add some additional comments explaining why you oppose the bill.  You can draft your own comments or, if you prefer, you can just copy and paste the following (edit as you find appropriate)…

I am opposed to Assembly Bill 303.  If enacted, it would prohibit tow companies from charging low-income individuals for towing and storage if they park their car unlawfully on private property. If passed, tow companies would not take the risk of towing illegally parked vehicles knowing they might not get paid, leaving property owners with little recourse for vehicle removal. This bill also sets a dangerous precedent that could lead to the exemption of low-income individuals from more serious crimes in the future.

At press time, 94% of those who have weighed in have voiced opposition to the bill.  However, only 55 Nevadans had registered their opinion on AB303.

Let’s get a LOT more opinions in opposition filed and kill this bill.  It’ll take you only a couple minutes, but can help make a BIG difference.

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