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ACTION ALERT: Support Gov. Lombardo’s Bill to Restore Discipline in Schools

(Chuck Muth)
– From our friends at Nevada Families for Freedom…

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Support AB330 to Restore Discipline in Schools

Hearing THURSDAY, March 23, 1:30

You can call and send emails after the hearing because the vote will be at a later date.

Carson: Nevada Legislative Bldg. Room, 3138, Assembly Education Committee

Las Vegas: Videoconferenced to Room 4401 of the Grant Sawyer State Office Building, 555 E. Washington Ave.,

To provide public comment telephonically: Call (888) 475-4499 on the date of the meeting. When prompted to provide the Meeting ID, enter 82280548379 and then press #. Press # when prompted for a Participant ID. To resolve any issues related to calling in to provide testimony during the hearing, please call (775) 684-6990.

2 minutes testimony only.

Submit your opinion:

Submit written Testimony in PDF to the Committee:

Explanation of AB330: Submitted by the Governor, it is designed to remove “Restorative Justice” from the schools which has resulted in a massive increase in violence in the schools. It provides for accountability if schools do not succeed in significantly lowering school violence, it allows for the state to take over the schools. It provides for the collection of data on school discipline. It implements increased discipline tools for teachers and principals.

MESSAGE: Please vote yes on AB330 which provides for real discipline in the schools to reduce the epidemic of violence. It removes the failed “restorative justice” language from the law, which has lead to the scourge of violence, often not allowing the removal of violent students from the classroom and schools. Children cannot learn and teachers cannot teach when continually threatened with violence. Protect children and teachers from violent individuals at school. (Or better yet write your own message.)

CONTACT: Assembly Education Committee:,,,,,,,,,,,

Office Phone Numbers:

Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod              (775) 684-8847
Angie Taylor                                  (775) 684-8845
Natha Anderson                           (775) 684-8841
Reuben D’Silva                              (775) 684-8583
Selena La Rue Hatch                     (775) 684-8837
Erica Mosca                                  (775) 684-8597
Clara Thomas                                (775) 684-8569
Selena Torres                                (775) 684-8599
Alexis Hansen                               (775) 684-8851
Melissa Hardy                               (775) 684-8823
Greg  Koenig                                 (775) 684-8507
Richard McArthur                         (775) 684-8829

Text of AB330:


“No matter what one thinks of Trump  – we loved his policies and are often disturbed by his antics – any sane person not suffering from severe Anti-Trump Derangement Syndrome would have to agree that this outrageous abuse of the government’s police and investigative powers to destroy a party’s political opponent is the stuff of a banana republic – or of Chicago.” – Stephen Moore, Committee to Unleash Prosperity

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