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About those GOP endorsements

On Saturday, delegates to the Washoe Country Republican convention passed a resolution introduced by a political consultant named Roger Stockton who heretofore has had little to no involvement in Republican Party politics here in Nevada.

The resolution states that the Washoe GOP is “manifestly opposed” to the pre-primary endorsement “scheme” being pursued by the leaders and members of the Nevada Republican Central Committee.  Not just opposed; “manifestly” opposed…whatever that means.

And while most media reports have focused on the resolution’s opposition to the Nevada GOP’s pre-primary endorsement process, they’ve conveniently omitted the amendment that was approved and tacked on to the end of the original resolution…

“To instruct the Governor and the Republican leaders in the assembly and senate that they should not endorse candidates in the primary election.”

So in other words, unless Gov. Brian Sandoval, Senate Minority Leader Moderate Mike Roberson and Assembly Minority Leader Pat Hickey rescind THEIR already-issued pre-primary endorsements (Hickey has endorsed; he’s just kept his endorsements private), then party delegates to the NV GOP state convention next month SHOULD go forward with their own endorsements.  Sauce for the goose and all.

But back to the resolution…

Stockton’s folly goes on to declare that “the role of the Republican Party is to represent the will of registered voters identifying as Republican and promote the Republican ideals…”  Now here’s why this is so vapid…

The will of registered Republican voters is to oppose tax hikes and limit government, which are the ideals outlined in the GOP’s platform.  And indeed, that is exactly what Republican candidates such as Gov. Sandoval and Moderate Mike ran on in 2010.

But once in office, both Sandoval and Roberson famously reversed themselves, broke their campaign promises and betrayed the GOP’s ideals.

If, as the Washoe resolution suggests, the role of the Republican Party is to represent the will of registered Republican voters, then it is the OBLIGATION of the Republican Party to call out Republican elected officials who don’t honor their campaign promises and who betray Republican ideals.

This silly resolution aside, here’s what you need to know about the Nevada GOP’s pre-primary endorsements:

1.) Moderate establishment Republicans have an unfair advantage over grassroots conservatives because they control the special interest money and issue their own pre-primary endorsements.

2.) Republican Party pre-primary endorsements would help level the playing field and result in more conservative GOP nominees.  As such, moderate establishment Republicans hate the idea of pre-primary endorsements by the grassroots activists who make up the Nevada GOP’s Central Committee.

3.) Nevada’s #2 liberal blogger Jon Ralston despises conservatives.  Pre-primary endorsements would help conservatives.  Therefore, Jon Ralston hates pre-primary endorsements by the Nevada GOP.

This is a no-brainer folks.

If you support pre-primary endorsements, you support helping elect better Republicans, not just more Republicans.

If you oppose pre-primary endorsements, you support electing Republicans who stand for nothing, will fall for anything and will vote with Democrats over and over and over again to raise taxes, grow government and spend more money.

If you oppose pre-primary endorsements, you’re on the side of Jon Ralston.

If you support pre-primary endorsements, you’re on the side of grassroots conservatives.

It’s just that simple.  So now it’s gut-check time.  Which side are you on?


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