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About Those Girl Scout Cookies

OK, so my daughters got roped into this annual ritual this year…and, boy, what a bureaucratic racket.

First, you weren’t allowed to sell your cookies (sounds like something you might hear from a vice cop!) before a certain date, other than to family, friends and neighbors. Then, once you were finally allowed to sell to the general public, you could only sell from in front of stores and other locations within a prescribed geographical area.

So much for the Free-Market Entrepreneurship Badge.

But then my Dad hit me with something I hadn’t ever considered. He told me that instead of paying $4 for a box of cookies he really didn’t want, he’d ask to just make a donation directly to the Girl Scout troop or council. That way, ALL of the money would go directly to the Girl Scouts instead of the bulk of the money going to the cookie company.


Alas, I was told this was frowned upon, as well. The cookie company has a LOT invested in the profit they make off the Girl Scouts and…hey, isn’t THAT what it’s really all about? Sigh.


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