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About That “Vote of the People” Crud

Gov. Gibbons has been going around saying the people of Nevada voted for that room tax hike. No, they didn’t. Only the people of Clark, Washoe and Lander county had an opportunity to vote for the advisory question last November. But some folks are asking why Nevadans in other counties should have been able to vote for the tax hike since it will only affect the folks in Clark and Washoe counties. Two reasons…

1.) Because if the tax hike backfires and harms tourism, that hurts the ENTIRE state, not just Clark and Washoe counties, and…

2.) If the argument is that only the people who will be affected directly by the tax hike should have been allowed to vote on it, then it should have been the TOURISTS coming to Clark and Washoe counties who should have been allowed to vote on it, not the RESIDENTS.

Question: Who represented the tourists in the Legislature when this tax hike was voted on? Answer: No one. Folks, that’s taxation without representation. I believe a war was fought in this country over that very thing. You could look it up.


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