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About Last Night…

(Chuck Muth) – Never say never in politics, however, Donald Trump’s blowout win in Iowa last night all but seals the GOP nomination for president. The opera may not be over, but Whoopie Goldberg is preparing to sing.

And if Trump got over 50% of the vote in Iowa, he should get Saddam Hussein-like numbers in Nevada – which makes the Nevada GOP’s decision to hold a senseless caucus two days after the state-run primary even dumber.

If expected turnout for the rigged Chaos Caucus was going to be dismal before – and it was – what do you think will happen now?

I don’t blame Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley for not dropping out.  At Trump’s age, anything could still happen.

But let’s face it, while they’re still running for president, it’s really for 2028, not 2024.  And in Haley’s case, she’s still running to be Trump’s vice president this year.

A suggestion for Trump supporters…

You win elections by addition, not subtraction.  Try to refrain from doing the Snoopy Dance and tweeting “na-na-na-na-boo-boo” at supporters of RDS and Haley.  Follow the example set by Trump himself in his victory speech last night.

Race Hustlers Still Hustling

The mother of a man who was shot and killed by Las Vegas police officers has filed a $1 million lawsuit against the taxpayers of Clark County alleging Metro officers “killed a 19-year-old black man” while investigating a murder.

What’s race got to do with it?  Nothing.

As reported in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, “police body-camera footage showed police officers yelling, ‘Police department, search warrant’ at least seven times before breaking down the door of an apartment.”

The “victim” shot 18 rounds at several Metro officers, who returned the favor by shooting the man 17 times and sending him to an eternal dirt nap.

According to the lawsuit, the “victim” “apparently mistook the officers for intruders and fired on officers to defend himself from a perceived home invasion.”

Yeah, right.  Burglars are known for yelling “Police department, search warrant” seven times before robbing a joint!  Happens all the time.

Trashing Home-Schoolers

The Washington Post is a manure factory for newspaper editorials.  One from a week ago decided to dump on home-schoolers.

It noted the explosion of home-schooling across the country – fueled by the COVID lockdowns of public schools – but warns of “big concerns.”  It frets that 11 states don’t require government notice of a decision to home-school.

As a home-school parent myself, I’ve never understood this argument and publicly refused to provide such notification to the government.

My question is this: If a woman isn’t required to notify the government before terminating the pregnancy of a child, why should a woman who chooses to have the child be required to notify the government that she’s going to teach her child herself?

The Post editorial continued its attack by complaining that home-schoolers aren’t subjected to government testing – as if such government testing of public-school kids has been cranking out Einsteins.

The Post goes on to complain that home-school advocates cite research supporting their choice which has been conducted by home-school advocates – as if researchers trying desperately to cover for public school failures aren’t themselves public school advocates.

The editorial than sank to the depths of sewage by attacking stay-at-home moms…

“Many women from religious families who were home-schooled say their schooling focused on just that: the home.  This, they were instructed, was a woman’s place, and accordingly, they were mostly taught how to bear and raise children.”

I’m sorry, but nobody forces anybody to stay home and raise children. Indeed, many men are stay-at-home fathers while the missus brings home the bacon.  How is that any of the government’s business?

It’s a CHOICE. And I thought the left was all about a “woman’s right to choose.”  Or does that only apply if a woman chooses abortion?

Laughter is Still the Best Medicine

I was having a burger and fries for lunch today when some chick with a mustache popped off and said, “Did you know red meat is bad for you?”

I looked at her/him and said, “My grandfather lived to be 95 years old.”

Her/him said, “Did your grandfather eat red meat?”

I said, “No, he minded his own damn business!” (Hat Tip: @614Clinton)


“I can’t abandon him (Trump). After what they did to him in the last election, and the political persecution he faces, I feel like I owe him this.” – Iowa voter at yesterday’s caucus

“Oh, make no mistake. It’s not revenge he’s after. It’s a reckoning.” – Doc Holliday in the movie “Tombstone”

“Please as a New subscriber. A VOTER, A 4th generation Nevadan, AND a concerned CITIZEN, please EXPLAIN 2 US WHY TRUMP IS NOT ON OUR NEVADA BALLETS this really is TREASONOUS and will cause a Revolution it must be STOPPED IF DEMOCRACY is 2 be saved if AMERICA WE THE PEOPLE ARE to keep our FREEDOMS AND LIBERTIES PLEASE EXPLAIN AND RESOLVE this treasonous act please??????????” – email to some liberal Nevada blubber-blogger

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