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About Last Night…

(Chuck Muth) – Well, we all sure had a blast last night!

Citizen Outreach’s annual conservative awards dinner was absolutely wonderful. Here’s another shoutout to our award recipients who all joined us last night…

  • Conservative of the Year: Iris Stone
  • Reagan Legacy Award: Sig Rogich
  • Courage Under Fire: Valeria Gurr
  • Rising Star: Assemblywoman Danielle Gallant
  • Unsung Hero: Jon Kamerath

We also added a surprise “Shield of Valor” award honoring a very special Metro police officer.

On March 29, 2024, K-9 dog “Enzo” was stabbed eight or nine times after being dispatched to take down a man wielding a knife who set his apartment on fire and was threatening Enzo’s fellow police officers.

Enzo almost died – but thankfully is recovering nicely.

Not nicely enough, however, to attend “in person” last night.  He tried, but at the last minute it was decided Enzo would get too excited by being around such a large crowd.

You can watch the dramatic video of Enzo’s rescue, which we played for the crowd last night, by clicking here.

The award was announced by Assembly candidate Kelly Chapman – who had met Enzo at a Metro “First Tuesday” event last December – and accepted by Assembly candidate and retired Henderson police detective April Arndt.

Indeed, a good time was had by all.  As one attendee put it in a text this morning, “I left feeling like I had just been to the best family reunion I ever attended!!!”

I felt exactly the same way.  So many great conservatives having FUN at a fundraising event.  What a novel concept.

Thanks to all who attended and especially those who sponsored the event and were table hosts.

And a big thank you to Peter Guzman, head of the Latin Chamber of Commerce – which, unlike the Las Vegas Chamber, actually SUPPORTS small businesses – for bringing a great deal of levity to the festivities.

I’m proud to be his “white butler.”

Another big thank you to Connie, our event photographer.  As soon as her photos are posted online, I’ll let everyone know.  She’s the best.

As is the Italian American Club.  Great host, great venue, great food, and great service.

And a big shoutout to Ryan and Donnie, our Killer Dueling Pianos, who really lit the place on fire with their performance.  Thank you, guys!

But I have to give my biggest shout-out to Jenna Lawrence.  She was the organizational brains of the event and pulled it off with barely a hiccup. She’s absolutely the best.  Thank you, Jenna.

Oh, and you should’ve seen Jenna’s 9-year-old daughter, Sage, playing “Great Balls of Fire!” next to Ryan.  Her hands were flying!  Adorable as they get.

Don’t know how we’re gonna top this next year, but we’re sure gonna try – and Jenna’s already come up with a GREAT idea!

Lastly, many of our northern Nevada folks have asked if we’d come up north to do one of our FUNdraising events and I’m all for it.

Just need a point person or two to help us with logistics.  So if you’re interested, please get in touch with me.


Oh, I almost forgot.  I got a text from Dan Burdish – Citizen Outreach VP and number-cruncher for the Pigpen Project – who wrote…

“You know, you guys don’t give Dave and I credit for doing the tough things so you don’t have to.  We actually took a stroll on the beach (Daytona Beach, Florida) today and ventured out into the gently slapping waves.  Then we sunbathed for around 30 minutes in lounge chairs beside our outdoor pool.  We get no credit for doing these things so you don’t have to do them.  I’m hurt, deeply hurt, that we don’t get any credit for submitting ourselves to these indignities.”

I never liked those guys. They sure know how to rub it in.

But the truth is, we couldn’t do what we’re doing with the Pigpen Project without them, so THANK YOU for the sacrifices you’re making on our behalf!

Stay tuned for our next fun-filled, action-packed, star-studded event…

Mr. Muth is president of Citizen Outreach, publisher of Nevada News & Views and blogs at  His views are his own.


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