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A Simple Way to Make Nevada Republicans Relevant

As members of the Nevada GOP’s various Central Committees continue to bask in their relative irrelevance, party leaders in other states continue to provide leadership by actively screening candidates, evaluating them, and issuing pre-primary endorsements…all in an effort to boost the chances of nominating the best, strongest GOP candidate for November’s general elections.

And isn’t winning elections what the party organization is supposed to be all about?

Wisconsin Republicans endorsed candidates at their convention a couple weeks ago. And unlike in Nevada, Wisconsin’s governor, Scott Walker, actually attended the confab!

Connecticut Republicans followed suit last weekend. Here’s a report from POLITICO’s Morning Score: “Republicans will endorse candidates for U.S. Senate and five congressional seats Friday at their party convention in Hartford. … Also Friday, Republican delegates will endorse a candidate in each of the state’s five congressional districts.”

Similarly, Political Diary reported on Friday that “Rather than hold a primary, the (Minnesota) GOP selects candidates for statewide office via a nominating convention.”

Ditto Utah, where a Republican candidate automatically goes to the general election if he or she receives 60% of the vote or more at the state GOP convention…obviously making convention delegates EXTREMELY important and relevant. Just ask Sen. Orrin Hatch, who two weeks ago came up just short of the 60% needed at the nominating convention to avoid going to a statewide primary.

Seriously, Nevada Republicans.

How much more interesting and substantive and meaningful and relevant would your GOP convention in Sparks have been three weeks ago if, say, on Friday night there had been a debate featuring the Republican candidates for the state’s new 4th congressional district, followed by an endorsement vote the next day?

Ditto the various GOP primaries for state legislative seats.

Wouldn’t it have been productive to have state senate candidates Assemblymen Richard McArthur and Scott Hammond debating and competing for the official Republican seal of approval at the Republican convention leading up to the Republican primary?

How about Jim Wheeler vs. Kelly Kite…or Brent Jones vs. Mari St. Martin?

No. Instead you spent the weekend arguing over Rule 4-B and other Robert’s Rules of Nonsense.

Yeah, THAT’S the ticket. THAT’LL elect more Republicans. You go, girl!

Talk about stuck on stupid.


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