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A Republican Running on the GOP Platform?

Now HERE’S something you don’t see every day.

As most grassroots GOP activists and Central Committee members know, most Republican candidates and elected officials, at best, give the official party platform – painstakingly crafted and adopted by party members at caucuses and conventions – lip service. They either ignore it, or worse…break it (hello, Gov. Sandoval and Sen. Roberson!).

So what a refreshing change to see a Republican legislative candidate not only be familiar with the party platform but embrace it as his own! Check this out from AD41 candidate Phil Regeski. (Disclosure: My evil twin, Dan Burdish, is consulting on Regeski’s campaign.)

EVERY Republican legislative candidate should sign a similar statement of support of the party’s platform…or be asked to explain to the rank-and-file who drafted and approved it why not. So let it be written; so let it be done.


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