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A Politician with No Political Agenda?

I missed this when it came out last March, but before voters in Douglas County go to the polls on Tuesday, consider this little item about an assembly candidate for District 39:

“(Jim) Wheeler, a businessman, said he decided to run because he’s tired of citizens complaining without taking action. . . . What matters most, Wheeler said, is the opinions of the citizens of the 39th district. ‘It’s their views that count, not mine,’ he said. ‘I have no political agenda.’”

What? He has no political agenda? Then why in the world is he running for POLITICAL OFFICE? And if “what matters most” is the opinions of the citizens of his district – as opposed to, you know, that Constitution thingy – what if those citizens decided they wanted to, say, bring back slavery? Hey, if it’s what the citizens want, right Jim?

Heck, if that’s the case, why have elected legislators at all? Let’s just put every bill that comes before the Assembly to a vote of the citizens of the district….kinda like American Idol. That way we could get rid of these silly, expensive and time-consuming elections altogether, right Jim?

Then again, why am I asking Jim? He has no political agenda, remember? Good grief.


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