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A Man’s Home is His Castle

AB 288 is one of the few good bills requested in the Nevada Legislature this year. Known as the “Castle Doctrine,” the bill allows you shoot burglars, rapists, murderers and other such bad guys who break into your home. It’s probably the best piece of pro-Second Amendment legislation we’re likely to see this year.

And while you’d expect (hope) that it was introduced by a Republican, the bill’s chief sponsors are Democrat Assemblymen Harry Mortenson and James Ohrenschall. Conspicuously missing among the names of the co-sponsors is Assembly Minority Leader Heidi Gansert.

If you want to know what’s wrong with Assembly Republicans this year, consider the fact that their leader thus far has advocated and voted for the third largest tax increase in history, failed to co-sponsor a major Republican tax restraint bill, failed to co-sponsor a major Republican spending restraint bill, failed to co-sponsor a major Republican education reform bill, failed to co-sponsor a major Republican individual freedom bill to repeal the state’s mandatory helmet law, and openly opposes a Republican bill to review and consider options on the Yucca Mountain project, .

On the other hand, Mrs. Gansert has sponsored a constitutionally questionable, unfunded, multi-million dollar DNA testing program for individuals accused, but not convicted of, a felony.

Lord help me, I think I’m starting to miss Garn Mabey!


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