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A Paultard Crawls Out from His Rock

Speaking of irrelevant yahoos, Robert Holloway – a Paultard’s Paultard (and I’m speaking of the wacko fringe of Ron Paul’s legions, not the rational rank-and-file) – is back in the swing of things, taking issue with the Clark County GOP for holding a special meeting tonight to consider a resolution criticizing Republicans in the Legislature who gave aid-and-comfort to the Democrats by voting for that Billion Dollar Tax Hike last month.

Now remember, Holloway CLAIMS to be a die-hard Ron Paul groupie, yet get a load of this flapdoodle he wrote in an email to some Republican activists on Sunday:

“While no one likes tax increases, the state is facing an enormous financial problem and it is certainly reasonable to consider tax increases as one component of the remedy.”

Now you tell me: Is that the talk of a limited-government conservative/libertarian Ron Paul follower….or a sell-out RINO?

Holloway maintains that the special meeting and adoption of resolutions criticizing elected Republicans who supported the Billion Dollar Tax Hike “will do serious damage” to the GOP and “will produce permanent minority status for the Republican Party in this state.”


Nice to see this newly-found concern Holloway has for the well-being of the Republican Party – the same Republican Party that he and his merry band of assorted wingnuts went to war with last year over the delegates to a meaningless national convention. At the time, Holloway was a chief agitator for convening a rogue GOP convention in Reno and described his differences with the GOP’s elected leadership in this manner:

“In my year or so of involvement with the state party, I have often thought that the actions of the party leadership must be quite like the operation of the NAZI party in Germany in the 1930s.”

Robert Holloway is a clown. He’s been involved with the Nevada GOP for all of a “year or so,” supports raising taxes and Republicans who vote for them, while comparing the party’s leaders to Nazis. And we’re supposed to take him seriously?

The battle for the soul of the Republican Party continues to rage. Which side are YOU on?


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