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Chris Edwards: Low-life, Back-stabbing, rat-fink

You’re not gonna to believe this one.

I know, I know.  When it comes to the Republican Assembly Caucus (RAC) post-election, if I had a buck for every time I wrote “You’re not gonna believe this one” I’d have enough money to buy each of you a steak dinner.

But even I’m having a hard time believing this one…and I was personally involved this time!

It was Sunday morning, around 10:30 a.m.  The kids had gone hiking with friends up at Zion, Gia was at the gym, and I was writing up a new issue of Silver State Confidential when the phone rang.

It was Assemblyman Brent Jones (R-Clark), one of the 12 conservative members of the RAC, who told me he was meeting with fork-tongued freshman Assemblyman Chris “Let’s Make a Deal” Edwards (District 19-Clark).

Edwards, as you’ll recall, has been voting consistently with the moderates in the caucus in the various leadership fights since the election, reportedly thanks to an offer by liberal Assemblyman Paul Anderson to help Edwards pay off his campaign debt.

And did Anderson ever come through!

Indeed, Edwards’ final campaign finance report for last year shows he raked in almost $40,000 in donations after the election, including a $5,000 donation – the single largest of the reporting period – from Gov. Brian Sandoval (R&R-Advertising) himself.

Bought.  Paid for.  Owned.  Lock, stock and barrel.

But because of his alignment with the left-leaning camp in the caucus, combined with his propensity to talk out of both sides of his mouth when it comes to tax hikes, Edwards has been the subject of much grassroots agitation in his district – robo-calls, mailers, recall threats, etc. – not to mention being exposed as the sell-out he is right here in Silver State Confidential.

So Edwards met with Jones Sunday morning to see if Jones could help “call off the dogs.”

The RAC is split down the middle right now, 12-12, between the moderate wing and the conservative wing, with Speaker-of-the-Weak John Hambrick being the tie-breaking vote.  So what Edwards wanted was to see if Jones could help stop the attacks against him if he switched his allegiance and joined the conservatives.

If so, that would give the conservatives the 13 votes they need to oust the double-crossing Hambrick as Speaker-designee before the February 2nd start of the session and put conservative Assemblywoman Michele Fiore back in as chairman of the Taxation Committee.

So Jones calls me and tells me about the deal Edwards was pitching.  As part of the deal, Edwards wanted me to put out a glowing story or statement in my newsletter about what a courageous, great conservative he was for switching teams and putting conservatives back in charge.

Which would be like a parent singing their child’s praises for brushing his teeth – something he should have been doing all along anyway.

Jones started to hand the phone to Edwards so Edwards could talk with me directly.  But I don’t trust Chris Edwards.  And I don’t believe a word he says.

So I told Jones that while I wouldn’t talk to Edwards on the phone, I would meet with him personally…face to face…to see for myself if his conversion was real or he was just playing us.

Gia and I were planning on having lunch at Miller’s Ale House in Town Square while watching the Packers/Seahawks game.  And  I agreed to meet with Edwards there on my afternoon off because even the remote possibility of conservatives getting back the leadership positions in the caucus that were stolen from them was worth a shot.

Long story short: Edwards never showed up.

That Edwards didn’t “man up” and chickened out didn’t really surprise me.  But here’s the unbelievable part…

Instead of coming to meet me, he dropped a dime on Jones!

That’s right.  This lying P.O.S. left his meeting with Jones and immediately called Hambrick and Anderson and told them that Jones and the conservatives were trying to woo HIM!

The only reason I’m going to call Edwards a rat-fink is that the other, more appropriate four-letter word beginning with “f” and ending in “k” isn’t suitable for a family publication.

This guy came begging conservatives for help in “calling off the dogs,” and then turned right around and ratted them out.

What a piece of…er, work this Edwards is.

You know that gooey, smelly stuff you sometimes get on the bottom of your shoe that makes you go “yuck”?

Well, Chris Edwards makes the stuff that makes you go “yuck” go “yuck.”

He’s as low as you can go.

He didn’t just sell out the conservatives in the caucus once again.

It appears he set them up.

I hope he gets crabs.


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