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Democrat Chief Touts No-Plan Plan

Nevada Democrat Party Chairman Sam Lieberman writes today that “Governor Gibbons is on a mission to dismantle Nevada’s higher education system beyond repair,” adding that “Republicans and their allies have already run attack ads against Senator Reid, and targeted ‘robo-calls’ against Democratic legislators.”

Those robo-calls were done by Nevada GOP chief Sue Lowden against Senate Higher Taxation Committee Chairman Bob Coffin, as well two freshman Assembly Democrats who claimed in a press report that the constituents they had talked to were OK with paying higher taxes. Lowden simply made it easy for folks with a contrary opinion to express that opinion to these misguided tax-hikers.

But for my money, here’s Lieberman’s money quote:

“It’s clear that the Republicans will stop at nothing to obstruct economic recovery and the state budget solutions Nevada desperately needs.”

Hello? What budget “solutions”?

So far all the Democrats have done is complain about the budget Gov. Gibbons has introduced while dancing around the notion of raising taxes without putting a specific proposal on the table. As we enter Week Three of the legislative session, the Democrats have no plan to deal with the state’s budget other than complain about the only plan on the table.

Yeah, that’s Democrat “leadership” for you.


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