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SEIU takes Clark County taxpayers to the cleaners…again

According to RalstonFlash, “here’s what just went out to county officials from (Clark County) finance boss George Stevens:”

This is to advise you that we have reached a tentative agreement with SEIU on certain economic issues relative to the FY 2010-11 collective bargaining agreement. The agreement includes the following provisions:

* An across the board salary reduction of two percent (2%) for employees of the Clark County SEIU general and supervisory units as well as the employees of the Clark County Water Reclamation District.

* The exclusion of sick leave hours from the definition of time worked for the purposes of computing eligibility for overtime.

* An increase in the portion of health insurance premiums paid by newly hired employees to ten percent (10%) of the total premium versus the current formula which provides for varying percentage contributions based on the category of coverage.

The tentative agreement will now be subject to ratification by the SEIU membership. If approved, we anticipate that the agreement will be brought before the Board at the April 5, 2011 meeting.

Leaving aside for a minute that these terms are still WAY to generous, if the negotiators have come to an agreement, and the SEIU members who will be enjoying the benefits get to vote on this new contract, why don’t the VOTERS who will have to cough up to pay them get to vote?

If legislators really want to do something to fix collective bargaining, they’d start by righting this wrong.


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