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200 Union Boneheads

About 200 Las Vegas union crybabies waged a protest Tuesday because the federal government is saving taxpayers a bundle of money by paying non-union market wages for construction projects at McCarran Airport instead of the wildly inflated wages demanded by local out-of-work union construction workers.

“This is union busting,” wailed out-of-work plumber John Beeby at the protest. “A lot of guys come running here because they’ll work cheap and they know we can’t compete.”


Hey, Johnny, it’s called the free market. It’s also called supply and demand. It’s not that you “can’t” compete; it’s that you choose not to. As Warren Hardy of the non-union Associated Builders & Contractors points out, you guys “decided to price themselves out of the market” by demanding above-market wages. So instead, you get nothing.

Brilliant strategy, boneheads.


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