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What’s Up with the Janison Hire?

Continuing with our ongoing “Personnel is Policy” series, Gov.-elect Brian Sandoval, who expressed support for school vouchers as part of his education reform proposals during his campaign, this week tapped Clark County School Board President Terri Janison to run his Las Vegas office.

“I have pledged to make education a centerpiece of my administration,” Sandoval said in announcing Janison’s hiring, “so Terri’s experience as a school trustee will be invaluable as we reach out to engage the community in reform efforts.” Sandoval added that he believes our “education system is in peril” and that “we need to shake up the status quo.”

OK. Then why hire Janison?

Look, Terri Janison is competent and an extremely personable woman – unless, of course, you’re a citizen wishing to exercise your free speech rights at one of her school board meetings. But she’s a known opponent of vouchers and more often than not you’ll hear her complain, like most government-school bureaucrats and officials, about our so-called lack of education funding.

Terri Janison IS the status quo; she’s no agent of serious reform. Another troubling personnel decision by the incoming Sandoval administration. If you’re a conservative, that is.


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