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Some Nevada Mini-Muth’s Truths

After stomping his feet and threatening to hold his breath until his face turned blue just a couple weeks ago rather than submit proposals for additional budget cuts which he said were absolutely impossible to do, University Chancellor Dan Klaich – surprise! – found places to cut after all. Go figure. Which proves, once again, that there are still PLENTY of places to cut in the state budget but that no one will do it unless or until they are FORCED to do it.

It’s now been two days since all-but-official Democrat gubernatorial nominee Rory Reid outlined his plans to fix Clark County’s myriad problems which have only worsened under his watch as Chairman of the Clark County Commission and still not a peep from the new leadership at either the Clark County or Nevada Republican Parties. Would somebody please put together a search party?

By the way, the biggest failure and economic disaster in Clark County’s government is over at UMC – the state’s only government owned and operated hospital. Republicans and conservatives need to point this out over and over and over and over again during this “debate” over Harry Reid’s health care reform proposal. UMC is the local face of what health care is going to look like nationally if ObamaCare is ever implemented.

Yet another flare-up at the Clark County Republican Party. A Facebook announcement went out yesterday advising that elections for six vacancies on the Executive Board, including chairman, will be held at the party’s January 19th meeting.

However, that announcement also advised that nominations would NOT be allowed from the floor, a change not approved by the Central Committee itself and contrary to established practice dating back to, I think, Lincoln. Instead, members were advised that nominations must be submitted in writing by Sunday, January 17th.

The “newbies” now in charge of the party have no idea what a Pandora’s box they’re opening by messing with established “procedures” for the Central Committee like this. Many of those people LIVE to fight procedure fights. So bring plenty of popcorn with you on the 19th. It’s likely to be a circus.


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