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Mini-Muth’s Truths: June 2, 2010

It’s been remarked upon, but hasn’t quite reached the point of conventional wisdom yet, that “Drill baby, drill!” is over and done for – and Republicans better begin distancing themselves from it ASAP. At least as far as off-shore drilling is concerned.

You can ‘splain ‘til the cows come home that this was an aberration; a once-in-a-lifetime accident that occurred in deep water and not shallow water – but that will never sell politically to voters watching the president pick up oil-balls from American beaches. Republicans need to peel off from off-shore oil and focus on Arctic drilling and the nuclear option.

According to a fellow home-schooler who attended a candidate forum for Assembly District 3 in Clark County, here’s how 26-year-old, Republican full-time UNLV student Andrew Prato views home-schooling:

“He says he’s all for homeschooling but he wants checks and balances; it’s the State’s duty to set goals for homeschoolers so all children achieve the same level. He wants all children tested, so no child gets neglected. The State needs to decide what age children should be reading at what level, etc.”

Ah, yes…it takes a state to raise a child. And since the government has done such a wonderful job running our public schools already, why not let them control home-schooling as well?

Mr. Prato also told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that the budget can be balanced without laying off any government workers even though over 80 percent of the budget goes to…personnel. This guy ain’t ready for prime time…unless, of course, he was running as a Democrat. AD 3 voters should go with Eric Morelli in the GOP primary.


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