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God Hates Fag Haters, But Constitution Tolerates ‘Em

In all of the universe, it’s hard to image a more despicable group of nutjobs than the “God Hates Fags” folks at the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas. These lowlife human wretches regularly protest at military funerals, contending “that soldiers’ deaths are God’s punishment for the United States tolerating homosexuality.”

Yes, these sh*t-for-brains queer-haters really know how to hit a raw nerve.

In response, Missouri legislators passed a pair of laws in 2006 banning such protests. But on Monday a federal judge, Fernando Gaitan, declared the laws an unconstitutional infringement on the right of free speech.

As reprehensible as the Westboro wackos are, the judge made the right call. As Tony Rothert of the ACLU put it, “Just not liking speech isn’t enough reason” to ban it.

The better remedy would be for God to send a swarm of locusts down their underpants and up their wazoos.


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