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Gansert Must Go

Assemblywoman Heidi Gansert is the GOP’s Minority Leader. She’s already voted for, even advocated for, passage of the second largest tax hike in state history this month. And she’s been actively participating “at the table” in secret Democrat plotting to pass yet another ginormous tax hike before the session is over.

And while Republican Gov. Jim Gibbons has been very outspoken about how “foolish” it is to try to raise taxes in the middle of this economic crisis, Gansert has been silent on the issue. However……

She did speak up yesterday and defended what she and the Democrats have done so far this session in adding back into the budget some $72 million worth of government spending without proposing how to pay for it or proposing alternative spending cuts to offset the spending which was added back in. “The increases are very small given the size of the budget and do provide essential services,” Gansert said.

OK, fine. But that’s not the point.

How does Leader Gansert intend to pay for the $70 million worth of “add backs”? To simply put $70 million worth of government spending back in the budget without funding it is irresponsible. It sure as hell isn’t fiscally conservative and certainly shouldn’t be the Republican way. The least she could have done was PROPOSE to cut $70 million of non-essential services (see above) as an offset. Since $70 million is such a “small” amount, that shouldn’t be too hard, should it?

Heidi Gansert is a nice lady – but she’s been a totally ineffective opposition leader this session – and anything but a conservative. Worse, she’s often been an active ally in advancing the Democrats’ agenda.

Unfortunately, much as I hate to say it, Minority Leader Gansert needs to be replaced immediately after this session is over with someone who isn’t suffering from “Battered Republican Syndrome.” Someone who actually believes in the limited-government philosophy and isn’t afraid to defend it. Someone who will fight for a conservative legislative agenda. Someone who won’t gleefully accept legislative table scraps just to get a seat at the table. Someone committed to winning a Republican majority in the Assembly; not someone comfortable in the minority or someone just biding their time until they can become a state senator.

And someone not afraid to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge…..and honor it!


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