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Dull-Witted Johnny O Touts Nitwit Professor

When it comes to simple-minded, dull-witted tweets, this one today by Assembly Speaker John Oceguera takes the prize: “LV SUN: Gutting schools, infrastructure won’t make #NV a better place 2 live, nor a better place 2 start a firm.”

Duh. Really?

Of course, that’s not what’s happening in Nevada at all. This is just more of the kind of hyperbole that University Chancellor Dan Klaich has already admitted the university system regularly uses to scare the public.

And this wasn’t the Las Vegas Sun’s opinion; it’s the vacuous opinion of a nitwit professor at UNR, both funded by Nevada taxpayers, which was published by the Sun. To suggest his opinion is conflicted and liberally biased is an understatement of ginormous proportions.

In his column, Prof. Elliott Parker actually compares reducing the university budget by about 7 percent to the Donner Party and eating children. He also compares Nevada’s gaming industry to Mississippi’s cotton-growing industry and expects us to take him seriously.

Sorry, but the more I read and hear from these taxpayer-funded higher ed crybabies, the more I think it’s time to start thinking about privatizing both UNR and UNLV and letting the local counties decide whether or not they wish to run and fund community colleges. The problem isn’t that we don’t put enough money into our publicly-subsidized higher ed schools, but that we have too much government in them.


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