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“Bill Bandit” Responds

Assembly Speaker John Oceguera (D-Sherwood Forest) responded today to Sen. John Lee’s criticism on Monday of Speaker Oceguera’s pilfering of some of his colleagues’ legislation. Interestingly, he never addressed the theft charge; only complained that Sen. Lee made the theft public instead of working out the matter behind closed doors.

You see, Johnny O loves the shadows.

But here’s the part about Johnny O’s letter to Sen. Lee that I found most interesting: “I was surprised,” Oceguera wrote, “that you chose to send your letter to the media before I received it.”

What’s interesting is that I don’t believe Sen. Lee DID send it to the media. I believe I was the first to break and publish the letter and I did NOT receive it from Sen. Lee.

Which, of course, reminds me of how Oceguera’s chief clerk recently fired a legislative assistant for leaking an email to me even though she never leaked it to me. Apparently the truth doesn’t matter in Johnny O’s world, and suspicion is enough for conviction.

I swear Oceguera’s paranoia about leaks to the press and others outside the legislative building is starting to seem downright…Nixonian. And yet another example of how Johnny O is no Barbara Buckley.

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